Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a broad range of medicine practices sharing common concepts which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (Tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy. It is primarily used as a complementary alternative medicine approach. TCM is widely used in China and it is also used in the West.

To prevent chronic kidney disease, you need to have a diet and a diet.

Chronic kidney disease is a common disease. However, people's attention to chronic kidney disease is far from enough. It is often found that the development of chronic kidney disease until the end of the period can only rely on hemodialysis to maintain life.

There are many types of chronic kidney disease, the most common of which is chronic glomerulonephritis. The onset of this disease is associated with bacterial or viral infections. "A lot of people have found that the upper eyelids are a little puffy after a cold, but they don't care. In fact, this is probably the signal of glomerulonephritis." Most patients with chronic glomerulonephritis have a history of viral or bacterial infection. Some people cause glomerulonephritis after infection with pharyngeal streptococcus. Some people have glomerulonephritis after skin infection. Some people have glomerulonephritis after a cold.

If glomerulonephritis is not well treated in the acute phase, it will prolong the development of chronic glomerulonephritis; at this stage, if the treatment is not correct, it will progress to nephrotic syndrome until the development of uremia, patients There are only two ways out: kidney transplant or long-term hemodialysis.

Traditional Chinese medicine has formed a unique comprehensive treatment program for chronic glomerulonephritis with traditional Chinese medicine. It focuses on benefiting Qi, tonifying the kidney, invigorating the spleen, diuresis, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing away heat and detoxification. Every time I see their edema subsided, urine protein, urinary occult blood disappear, seeing that they can return to normal life, I am even more happy than them. Chronic kidney disease is important in prevention. In particular, everyone is reminded that there is a degree of daily living and a diet to avoid the "three high" diet structure, namely: high protein, high salt, high fat. Once there are early symptoms of glomerulonephritis such as eyelid edema and decreased urine output, don't neglect it. It is best to go to the hospital for a routine urine test. Once urine protein and urine occult blood appear in the urine, start treatment as soon as possible.

Acupuncture and pain relief

It is not surprising that acupuncture has long plagued Western medical experts. Acupuncture theory believes that there is an invisible life energy called "qi" that reciprocates in 14 meridians of the human body, and the pain is caused by the blockage and imbalance of gas. Acupuncturists believe that inserting fine needles at specific points in the body can help the meridians flow smoothly and treat all diseases. It sounds a bit like a fairy, but acupuncture does have a positive effect on the human body.

Neuroimaging studies have shown that acupuncture seems to calm the area of ​​the brain that manages pain and activate areas of the brain that involve rest and rehabilitation. Ultrasound technology has shown that acupuncture can enhance blood circulation at the treatment site. Scientists also found that there are similarities between ancient Chinese medicine theory and modern anatomy. 365 acupoints correspond to the nerve bundle and muscle bundle of the human body, and several meridians are similar to the main aorta and nerve distribution of the human body.

Research in the early 1980s found that part of the reason for the role of acupuncture is to stimulate the body to release endorphins, a mysterious natural compound that is pleasant to enjoy, much like the comfort of a physical exercise. In addition, when the needle of the acupuncture is inserted into the body and rotated, a peculiar phenomenon occurs: According to the ultrasound study of the University of Vermont, the connective tissue is wrapped around the needle for acupuncture, and the collection is like an Italian macaroni wrapped around a fork. same. Neuroscientist Langewen said that acupuncture action stimulates the cells of connective tissue, just like giving them massage and yoga, and may form an acupuncture meridian to send signals to the whole body. At the same time, neuroimaging studies at the Biomedical Imaging Center in Boston show that acupuncture can affect a range of nervous systems in the brain, including slowing the neural activity of the limbic system and stimulating some of the nerve regions that the brain plays at rest. activity. Brain scans of patients with fibromyalgia show that both acupuncture and placebo acupuncture can release endorphins, but true acupuncture can also increase the number of anti-pain neurotransmitters and bring more to patients. Comfort.

The Origin of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Acupuncture therapy is a great invention of the Chinese nation and one of the important means of human health protection. It has been in China for thousands of years and has made an indelible contribution to the health and reproduction of the Chinese nation. Acupuncture is one of the important contents of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is an inseparable and important part of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. As the first classic of traditional Chinese medicine, Neijing is the norm of clinical and practical application of acupuncture theory.

The origin of acupuncture

"The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" records the origin of acupuncture and moxibustion. "The question of the different ways of the law," said: "The stone, also from the east ... poisons, also from the West ... moxibustion, also from the north... The nine-needle person also came from the south... and guided the squatter, and also from the central government.” It is pointed out that the moxibustion method originated from the north, because “the northern part, the domain of the heavens and the earth is also closed. The land of Gaoling, the wind and ice冽, medical education network|collecting and arranging its folk music field and dairy food, dirty and cold, full of disease, its treatment of moxibustion", that is, the north is the natural closed and occluded gas, but also the place where the yang is closed, the terrain is higher The weather is cold. People often live in the wild because of nomadism. They feed on dairy products. The coldness of dairy products can cause abdominal distension. Therefore, the north should use warm moxibustion to treat cold diseases. The nine needles originate from the south because In the south, the heavens and the earth grow, and the sun is in the place. The underground, the water and soil are weak, and the fog is gathered. The people are sour and eaten, so their people are both rational and red, and their diseases are Expelling micro-needle." That is to say, the south belongs to the fire. It is the place where the natural environment grows in the summer. It is also the place where the yang is full. The weather is hot, the terrain is low, the water and soil are weak, the fog is more, and the water is more humid. People like to eat fermented things, the skin is delicate and red, because the weather is hot and humid, it is easy to block the meridians of the veins, the pain of the bones and paralysis, so the south should use acupuncture.

The role of acupuncture

The main function of acupuncture is to dredge the meridians. As stated in the "Lingshu·Nine-needle and Twelve Originals", "the micro-needle is used to pass through its meridians, to adjust its qi and blood, and to carry out its reversal." Therefore, acupuncture can treat pain, numbness, swelling and other disease syndromes, because the meridians are "inside the organs, external to the limbs", have the function of running blood, the meridians pass the blood and blood running smoothly, the organs, body surface and limbs Baixun is able to support and exert its normal physiological functions. In addition, we can achieve the state of yin and yang reconciliation through the yin and yang properties of meridians, the compatibility of acupoints and acupuncture, which is the ultimate goal of acupuncture treatment.

Moxibustion, "Said the text" cloud: "Xiao also, from the fire, the sound 'long', moxibustion is the law of treatment, to AI fire, press and burn." Therefore, the role of moxibustion is mainly warm and cold, The acupoints on the meridians of the moxibustion are used to treat the cold of the internal organs, focusing on the treatment of cold blood stasis, cold and dampness caused by meridians and collaterals, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, stomach cramps, cold and abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. In addition, the gas is warm and the blood is bloody, so the moxibustion method can also eliminate the stagnation and cure the diseases of blood stasis, such as sputum and tumor. Because of its warm nature, we are also used to help the stagnation of the yang, to treat the yang sag or the danger of wanting to get rid of, such as enuresis, rectal prolapse, uterine bleeding, belting and other diseases.

"Lingshu·Functional" Cloud: "The needle is not for, the moxibustion is appropriate." It shows that moxibustion and acupuncture have different effects, which are irreplaceable. The two can complement each other and complement each other.

Acupuncture treatment

Here we only introduce an acupuncture treatment. "Lingshu·Xieke" cloud: "The way to hold the needle... The left hand holds the bone, the right hand follows." It is the method of discussing the needle. Generally, the needle is taken in the right hand, and the needle handle is held by the thumb, the food and the middle finger. Rely on the strength of the finger, so that the tip of the needle quickly penetrates into the skin, and then twists and turns to the deep layer. After the needle is inserted into the acupoint, in order to make the patient feel acupuncture, or to further adjust the strength of the needle, and to spread and transmit the needle to one side, we usually take two methods: one is the insertion method, After acupuncture into a certain depth of the acupoint, apply the above method of inserting and inserting. The needle is pierced from the shallow layer into the deep layer for insertion, and the shallow layer is retracted from the deep layer for lifting. The insertion amplitude is 3-5, and the frequency is about 60 times per minute. The other is the swaying method. After the needle is inserted into the acupoint to a certain depth, the needle is moved forward and backward to make the needle repeat in the acupoint. A line of needles that rotates back and forth. The twist angle is generally about 180°, and it cannot be turned in one direction, otherwise it will cause the needle to be stuck. The time, frequency, angle or amplitude of the two methods should be determined according to the patient's physical condition, condition, location of acupoints and acupuncture purposes. Sometimes, the patient will be given acupuncture induction by means of law-abiding, scraping, bombing, shaking, flying, and tremor.

When the needle is inserted into the acupoint, the method of inserting and twisting is applied to make the patient's acupuncture site have a self-conscious reaction such as soreness, hemp weight, or red, swollen, hot, itchy, etc., and the doctor can feel the needle. When the reaction is tight, stagnation, etc., acupuncture induction is obtained, that is, "getting gas", getting gas or not and the speed of gas to the slow, not only related to the therapeutic effect of acupuncture, but also can judge the disease Prognosis. "Lingshu, nine needles and twelve originals" cloud: "The thorns are necessary, the gas is effective and effective." Fully explain the significance of the gas.

When the acupuncture is qi, you can apply the diarrhea method. There are two common diarrhea methods. That is to say, sputum and diarrhea and diarrhea. "Nei Jing" first recorded these two methods of replenishing diarrhea, but it is relatively simple. For example, in the "Lingshu·Functional" cloud: "The diarrhea must use the circle, and cut it and turn it. The gas is the line, the disease is out of the way, the evil spirit is the place, the extension is welcoming, the big point is shaken, the gas is the disease": "There must be a use of the side, the outside of the skin, so that the door, left to its pivot, right push its skin, micro-spin and push it, must be positive..." Among them, "cut and turn", "micro "Spin" is what we now call "捻" and "转", but there is no difference between left and right. “Stretching” and “pushing” have the same meaning as “lifting” and “pushing”.

捻转补泻: After the acupuncture is qi, the angle of rotation is small, the force is light, the frequency is slow, and the operation time is short. The angle is large, the force is heavy, the frequency is fast, and the operation time is long. The combination of the thumb backwards and the front of the food (the right turn is mainly used) is the diarrhea method.

Lifting and replenishing diarrhea: After acupuncture is obtained, the light is shallow and deep, and the re-insertion is lightly lifted. The insertion amplitude is small, the frequency is slow, and the operation time is short. The following insertion force is the main method; otherwise, the depth is shallow and shallow. Lightly inserted and re-raised, the insertion range is large, the frequency is fast, and the operation time is long. The above-mentioned force is mainly the diarrhea method.

In addition, there are other ways to replenish diarrhea, such as diarrhea and diarrhea: Xu Jinzhen, Shaoxuan, sputum for the supplement, sputum for the needle, more sputum, Xu needle for diarrhea; welcome with the diarrhea: with the meridians The direction of the direction of penetration is to make up, and it is plunged into the direction of the meridian. The breath is replenishing: when the needle is exhaled, when the inhalation is taken, the needle is filled, when the inhalation is inserted, when the needle is exhaled, the needle is Diarrhea; resuscitation and diarrhea: press the pinhole quickly after the needle to make up the method, shake the large pinhole when the needle is not pressed, and so on. These techniques are recorded in the "Nei Jing", such as "Su Wen and Acupuncture": "Xu and the disease are true, Xu out of the needle and the disease according to it; the disease and Xu is the virtual, the disease is out of the needle and Xu presses "The question of "suction and separation of true evil" cloud: "sucking the inner needle, no suffocating; quiet for a long time, no evil cloth; sucking the needle, taking the gas for the sake; waiting for the needle, call Everything is gone, the atmosphere is out, so the life is diarrhea." "Call out the inner needle, quiet to stay for a long time, to the gas for the sake of ... waiting for the needle, the gas is not drawn, each in its place, pushing its door, order The spirit is saved, the atmosphere is left, and the life is replenished." "Lingshu·Nine-needle and twelve originals" Cloud: "Reverse (welcome) and seize it, evil is not empty? Chasing (with) and helpless, evil is not In fact, the welcoming, with the intention and harmony, the needles.

After the needle is inserted into the acupoint application method, it is necessary to keep the needle. The purpose of the needle is to strengthen the effect of the acupuncture and to facilitate the needle operation. Generally, it is necessary to leave the needle for about 30 minutes, because about 30 minutes in the theory of Chinese medicine is just the operation of the camp. A week's time. Of course, this time of needle retention is not generalized. The chapters such as "Lingshu·reverse fat and thinness", "Lingshu, evil viscera and disease", and "Su Wen·Blood Gas" are clearly pointed out according to the patient's constitutional age, visceral meridians, and pulse. It depends on the season of the day, that is, the so-called time, place, and human conditions of Chinese medicine. In addition, for some special medical conditions, such as acute abdominal pain, tetanus, angulation, cold, intractable pain or spasticity syndrome, you can extend the needle retention time, sometimes the needle can be used for several hours, so that during the needle retention process Intermittent needles are used to enhance and consolidate the effect.

In summary, "Nei Jing" elaborates on acupuncture and moxibustion from theory to clinical. The development of acupuncture and moxibustion in the future is inseparable from the guidance of this theory. Its characteristics of simplicity, convenience, honesty and inspection not only play an active role in the health care work of the Chinese people, but also continue to be transmitted abroad to serve the health care work of people all over the world. We believe that the future of acupuncture will surely become one of the indispensable treatments for people's health care activities around the world.